Preparation of the fifth primary social subject by Fawaz Al-Harbi method for the seco

The objective of the lesson (general features of the countries of the Arabian Peninsula):
That the multiplicity of the requesting countries of the Arabian Peninsula.
To familiarize the student with the area of the countries of the Arabian Peninsula.
The student should mention the capitals of the countries of the Arabian Peninsula.

To show the student what the capitals of the countries of the Arabian Peninsula are distinguished by.
That the student is keen to visit the countries of the Arabian Peninsula.
Determine the locations of the countries of the Arabian Peninsula on the map of the Arabian Peninsula.

بوربوينت المهارات الرقمية صفوف عليا
بوربوينت التفكير الناقد ثالث متوسط
تحضير بالطريقة الاستقصائية
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